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Everything You Need to Know About the Eemax EMT Electric Mini-Tank 1 / 2.5 / 4 / 6 GPM water heaters

Eemax EMT Electric Mini-Tank 1 / 2.5 / 4 / 6

Controls - 8
Wattage - 10
Flow rate - 10
Certification - 8
Dimensions and weight - 10
Warranty - 9
Reliability - 10
Accessories - 9
Special features - 9
Price - 10


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small-heat-logoIf you are in search of a top of the line water heater with innovative technology, easy mobility, and extensive durability, look no further than the Eemax EMT Mini-Tank electric water heater. With the introduction of this unit, Eemax has provided the perfect water solution for a variety of different locations. These water tanks save so much water as they eliminate the transitory period in which water moves from cold to hot. Rather than waiting around for the water to get hot and wasting water in the process, users are given water instantaneously. But I bet you already knew that, so here’s what you’ll learn new around here:

While there are 4 models of the Eemax EMT Electric Mini-Tank water heater, they all share the same general design and utility features. The point-of-use heating system eliminates the need for long hot water pipes that can be spatially frustrating. There is the option for a hot water feed or cold water feed depending on the preference of the user, and there is an adjustable temperature control system that ranges from 50 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. The actual water tank is lined with single weld glass to promote durability and use over long periods of time. The tank can also be mounted on a wall or rest on the floor offering flexibility in terms of installation and storage. There is also a status indicator light that communicates information to the user. It’s actually quite simple: a red light means that it is in “heating mode,” and a green light means that it is in “ready mode.” Here’s a closer image:

Eemax mini tank water heater EMT6

All models also have the same energy output levels, power requirements, and other physical and technological aspects. Specifically, there is a minimum operating pressure of 25 PSI, and maximum pressure rating of 150 PSI, a power capacity of 1.4kW, and requires 120V to work. Each model also has an amperage of 12 and all units are single phase. The water connection is one half of an inch, and the plumbing configuration is on the top of the device. These standardized features make ownership and maintenance a breeze!

Now, let’s take a closer look at the details of some different models, what sets them apart from each other, and how to determine which one is right for you. First and foremost, I will not cover the 1 GMP model, I find it redundant to the 2.5 GMP model:

Eemax EMT 2.5

The 2.5-Gallon Mini-Tank measures 17 inches in height, 11 inches in width, and 11.5 inches in depth, making it one of the smaller models one can buy. It weighs just 15.5 pounds so it can be easily moved. As stated in the item’s title, the tank debit is an agreeable 2.5 gallons. Based on a 60 Degree temperature increase, the EMT2.5’s recovery time is 15 minutes. The tank has a five year warranty for leaks and a two year limited warranty for any sort of defective operation. This model is the perfect choice for installing a water heater under the sink at home, for the office manager who wants a more efficient water solution in the office’s sinks, and many others who are looking for a smaller alternative to the current water heaters available on the market. The price is also great, as well as the reviews left by people whom already bought this.

Eemax EMT 4

Next is the 4-Gallon Mini-Tank. This model is a bit bigger, as it measures 18.5 inches in height, 12.5 inches in width, and 13 inches in depth, providing an intermediate option in terms of size. It weighs 24 pounds so while it is slightly heavier than the EMT2.5, moving the tank is still relatively simple. The tank’s debit is 4 gallons, which provides additional volume for increased use and larger quantities of water needed. Based on a 60 degree temperature increase, the EMT4’s recovery time is 24 minutes. As in the case of the first model, the tank has a five year warranty for leaks and a two year limited warranty for any sort of defective operation. This is the model for you if you want a slightly larger volume capacity and if you are using it in a location where water is being used frequently. I really like this size, it not small nor big, just enough for most cases, and the price is almost the same as for the previous model.

Eemax EMT 6

The last option is the the EMT6 Mini-Tank. The key characteristic that sets this model apart from the rest is that this tank needs to be hardwired rather than just simply plugged into the wall. This requires an additional element to installation but do not worry! The hardwiring process is simple and can be completed by anyone installing the tank. The EMT6 measures 21 inches in height, 14 inches in width, and 14.5 inches in depth. It weighs just 26 pounds making it only slightly heavier than the EMT4 and equally as easy to move. Based on a 60 degree temperature increase, the EMT6’s recovery time is 37 minutes which is quite impressive considering the amount of water being heated. This model also has a two year defective warranty and a five year leak warranty. The EMT6 is most likely the fitting option for a commercial building or an industrial setting as it has the highest tank volume and longest recovery time out of any of the models. Restaurants will also find the most utility in this model as dish-washing needs will undoubtedly be met. Check out this great discount for the EMT6.

Other reviews

Those who invest in the EMT2.5, the EMT4, and the EMT6 rave about the sleek appearance and its flexibility in terms of being able to move it if needed. The wall mount aspect is also highly favored by its users. Additionally, users have been thrilled with the instructions and the simplicity involved in installation. Many people can install it themselves, with the exception of the EMT6 due to the hardwiring requirement.

The complaints about these models are quite minimal. The main concern is the amount of time that the unit effectively produces hot water. Some claim that the water goes cold after a period of 24 hours. However, if you give the unit time to recover and you’re not using it constantly, this should not be a problem.


small-heat-logoSo many people are frustrated with the amount of time it takes for water to get hot. Design aspects of a given space can sometimes place water heaters so far away from the source that it takes forever for the water to actually get hot! Combined with the excessive pipes that present an unattractive look, conventional water heaters can be flat out annoying. However with the introduction of this product line, that annoyance will surely become a thing of the past. If you are in search of an innovative, timely, and energy efficient water heating solution, you have definitely found it in Eemax’s line of Electric Mini Tank water heaters. Here’s my final comparison chart:

Model EMT 2.5 EMT 4 EMT 6
Rating 88/100 93/100 91/100
Price $179.00 $209.00 $225.61

What do you think about Eemax’s mini-tanks? Would you buy one? Own one and what to share some info? Use the Comments form.

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