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Rheem water heaters reviews

Rheem logoFounded in 1925, Rheem has been one of the leading appliance manufacturing companies. Being born in the mid-20s granted this brand with much of its opportunities for success. Around that time, quite a bit of technological innovations were beginning to take off, changing the human landscape for the better. More and more people were beginning to rely on technology for regular uses around the home. 1920s, a post-WWI era, enabled technology to pave the way for much of the household appliances and utilities that are still being used to date.

Moreover, people were looking for new ways to harness these newly discovered technological methods to make  living more enjoyable. The ultimate goal was to simplify the daily tasks by integrating technology in some aspects around how people conducted regular chores. Homeowners were looking for ways to clean the home quicker and better. Architects were looking for technology that could be integrated into buildings and structures to cope with the environment. Such demands previously seemed as a far-fetched dream. However, the rapidly advancing technology made it possible.

Rheem company was founded by two brothers in San Francisco, California. By the 1930s, when the company has became a fully developed entity in terms of technology, it began by manufacturing water heaters. Such technology around that time was much sought after by consumers because it enabled tasks to be completed faster. This gave way for the rise of demands in the manufactured item, making the Rheem water heater to be transported and supplied to consumers from coast to coast. This was the first chance of exposure and expansion for the company. This allowed Rheem to be recognized by consumers across the country. The initial success with water heaters enabled the company to explore new technological appliances.

Rheem products

In the 1940s, the company continued to increase the list and line-up of products to include living space heating units, air conditioners and furnaces. By 1959, the company teamed up with and acquired Ruud Manufacturing company and entered the air conditioning systems. The company experienced much success with its products in the 1970s where the demand for central air conditioning grew unprecedentedly.

Currently, Rheem company is well known and regarded as a privately owned residential and commercial air conditioner, water heater, and household furnace manufacturer. The line-up of the company’s manufactured appliances has grown to include HVAC appliances. With its products being produced and sold all over the world, the company has earned much of its popularity by its reliable track record of being a well-run manufacturer.

Being a global leader of appliances, Rheem company has always strived for excellence to be included in every one of their products. It is regarded as the industry leader of total heating, water heating, and cooling solution provider. What sets apart Rheem from the rest of other global home appliance giants is its ability to provide services and appliances for both residential and commercial settings.

Designed carefully with the best of standards in mind, Rheem products continue to impress users and consumers. Providing total and complete solutions in heating and cooling needs for commercial and residential cooling and heating solutions grants the company much of its prestige. The company has always done well in ensuring to be up to date with technological innovations as times continue. This has enabled the company to create numerous types of appliances each integrating different technologies which make them compatible with the current standards of power ratings and the various lifestyle choices in terms of energy type preferences. Tanking for example natural gas as a power source, one of my favorite water heaters from Rheem is:

Rheem RHG PRO50-50PF Pro Series Natural Gas Water HeaterRheem RHG PRO50-50PF Pro Series Natural Gas Water Heater

  • A good tank capacity of 50 Gallon
  • Double protection assured by the air/fuel shut-off system
  • Exceeds ANSI standards for flammable vapor ignition resistance thanks to its Guardian System. Moreover, it meets the low Nitrigen Oxide emmission standards.
  • Comes with an 8-year warranty
  • Check its best price

As I was saying, one of the most notable products from the company is its impressive quality water heaters. The company has created a full and comprehensive line-up of water heaters for any type of energy use. The various types include electric, gas, tank type, tankless, point of use, solar, and commercial water heaters. The array of different water heaters is the ideal model of having a range of products that suit the needs of all consumers, both residential and commercial. Tank type water heaters include: gas tank type, electric tank type, hybrid heat pump, and commercial tank. The tankless water heaters include several types: mid-efficiency, commercial tankless, condensing tankless, and electric tankless.

One of my favorite Rheem electric tankless water heater is:

Rheem RTE Electric Tankless Water HeaterRheem RTE 13 Electric Tankless Water Heater

The production process

The production process is one factor contributing to the company’s success story with all its appliances. Being carefully designed to meet and exceed company standards for reliability and quality, it ensures that each product is of high quality and designed to exceed the expectations of consumers

The manufacturing process has been one that emphasizes high quality and control from the beginning to the final product production and manufacturing of any particular appliance. The design process employs simple yet functional designs that go along with the time and integrate newest technology to make the products eco-friendly and energy saving designs. On the assembly line, the product is put together using the principles of manufacturing and according to regulatory standards to ensure safety and high performance of the produced appliances. The close scrutiny of the entire process keeps things in check and in accordance with strict international regulations in terms of quality. The finished products are tested for durability, quality, and operating excellence by government regulatory bodies as well as independent third party testing bodies to ensure and enforce adherence to standard of quality.

Currently headquartered in Atlanta Georgia, the company has manufacturing stations in various states within the country as well as beyond the country to overseas stations in Australia, Canada, Mexico, Singapore and Brazil.

small-heat-logoA great feature about Rheem water heating products is their uncompromising nature between quality and price. Not a detail is spared in creating an effective and energy saving water heater and it is available to consumers at a price they can afford. Also, being able go according to different lifestyle choices and catering appliances suited for each has enabled the company to stay on top of being a well-rounded manufacturer. The expansive line-up of water heating products is one way the company has satisfied the different consumers with their different needs. In essence, the water heating products are a perfect balance of performance, value, and feature for every type of lifestyle and different budgets.

What do you think? Have something to say about Rheem? I would love to read your comments!

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