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Ecosmart water heaters reviews

Ecosmart logoKnowing the company that produces your home appliances is a very important consideration when purchasing such products. When it comes to water heaters, you must ensure the company provides energy efficient durable systems that are safe, easy to use and efficient.

Here is a detailed description of Ecosmart company which is a renowned water heater manufacturer.

Who are Ecosmart?

There are many sectors that have businesses which incorporate the term Ecosmart into their products and technologies. However, on this site, Ecosmart refers to a home appliance products manufacturer specializing in water heating technologies applied at home as well as commercial outlets. The company offers various water heating systems for consumers with different needs, specifications and budgets. The name was derived from their product and technology benefits which include efficiency, economy, environmentally friendly and user friendly as well as state-of-the-art technology. The Ecosmart company has a property website where you can find all information regarding their contacts and premises, products, services and how to secure them. The website offers a simple navigation and finding products is very simple. The interface will allow you to specify various details as preferred in order to speed the product search. Although Ecosmart specializes in producing water heater technologies, they also offer various residential, commercial solutions including plumbing technologies.

Ecosmart water heaters

Ecosmart became very popular mainly for their water heaters and cutting-edge technology employed in manufacturing the designs. As the company’s name clearly expresses, they incorporate smart technology in production to come up with economic, ergonomic and efficient designs. Ecosmart are known for the tankless water heaters and they are among the few companies to offer this fast-growing technology. Most traditional and even recent water heaters have included a tank which is installed alongside the heater. Although such designs have served people long enough, they are very costly and wasteful. Tank-less water heaters are designed to provide on-demand hot water without needing a backup tank. This means the design uses less space, uses exact energy needed for the hot water production and saves time. It is simply energy efficient and effective. Ecosmart has produced a wide variety of their tank-less water heaters and you can find one that fits your requirements. The series produced have varying dimensions, technologies and efficiencies to accommodate different use and requirements. However, the design you buy will still be a best performer within its price range and technology. Some of the popular heaters this company has produced include the following:

The ECO line of electric tankless water heaters

Ecosmart ECO Electric Tankless Water Heater, 27 KW at 240 Volts with Patented Self Modulating TechnologyEcosmart ECO electric tankless units are some of the most popular models in the market and have tons positive reviews. The appliances use between 18 and 36 KW at 120 volts, and feature a patented technology for self modulation. All have digital controls for the temperature, which work in one-degree increments to give users ultimate control of hot water supply. These small appliances save up to 60% on energy cost and require about 12 cubic-feet for installing and storage. They can be installed virtually anywhere, the systems use one of the most advances self-modulating technologies available. These heater retail in many stores between $400 and $700, and weight between 12 and 18 pounds, depending on the model. One thing to keep in mind: it is important to verify the requirements for installation and correct sizes prior to purchase. Read more about the ECO line in my special review.

Ecosmart Company produces several other tankless water heater designs within their ECO series. Some selection options include Ecosmart POU (point-of-use), Ecosmart series (1-8) and others. All these tankless designs have trademark features and patented self modulating technology for on-demand heating. The three major attributes found in water heaters produced by Ecosmart:

  • Energy saving – They only use what is required to heat the water with no need for extra heating or backup. This reduces your bills and saves you from energy wastage.
  • Space saving – Since they do not require backup tanks, the heaters save up to 12 cubic feet of space and their longest length is around 20 inches.
  • Convenient – The output is perfect for family use and there is no delay needed for heating. The point-of-use designs can be installed anywhere to achieve hot water supply.

Buying Ecosmart water heaters

Although Ecosmart Company has an official website where their products, solutions and water heaters can be procured, they also allow various licensed distributors to avail original designs to customers. The easiest way to buy their products is through online means. As above-mentioned, they own a property website with all site-maps, contact information and support channels. There are other companies that use names such as ECOsmart/EcoSmart although they specialize in different sectors ranging from industrial paint production to electrical appliances. Ecosmart is the only recognized brand within the water-heater market. To buy offline and you’re searching for original genuine heaters, choose credible licensed distributors who are permitted within the area. There are several permitted retailers spread across different regions and cities. You can check for quality guarantees before buying. This will ensure any delivery that does not match ordered description is replaced or refunded. All Ecosmart water heaters come with a lifetime warranty and feature custom design.

Installation and other solutions

Ecosmart can provide professionals to help you install the heater in your home. You are also welcome to consult and find help calculating your consumption requirements which are then used to determine best options. Nonetheless, these heater systems are very easy to install and no maintenance is actually needed apart from routine checks for the warranty. The company also provides plumbing solutions to incorporate heating in such infrastructure and systems. If efficiency is your top-most priority, then you can consider buying their water heaters. Better, you can browse customer reviews and opinions about the various models available for selection to get a better perception of their quality.

small-heat-logoSo, what do you think about this company? Have you ever bought an Ecosmart product? Have any positive (or negative) experiences? Please share them with us!

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