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About me

BethHi, I’m Beth. I’m a workaholic blogger who likes to talk about home improvement projects, plumbing systems, tools and such. You may ask yourself: How does a girl get to know so much in a man’s field? I guess I would have to thank my dad for this, as he was taking me with him to most of his projects, ever since I was a little girl.

What I do for a living? I fix things! When I show up to work, all dressed up in my “war clothes“, as I like to call them, I’m a completely new person. My specialty is installing and troubleshooting water heaters, hence this blog:

What am I doing here? I write reviews of the best water heaters I’ve personally used, fixed or installed. I also write guides on similar subjects. I.e. I’ll show you why your water heater leaks and how to fix this, I’ll provide a step-by-step tutorial on getting rid of the rotten eggs smell that comes out of pipes, I’ll show you how to replace an element, or how to drain your water heater and how to properly maintain it over time. Not enough hot water pressure? Don’t worry, I’m here to help. Looking to install a thermostat or a timer? I’ve got you covered. Virtually anything that you can think of, starting with the heating process and ending with the financial implications, is debated on my site.

PartyOther things about me? I love sports, I love going to see my favorite team, Orlando Magic. I’m possibly one of their biggest fans! I do practice some sports myself. I play tennis with my brother every now and then. I occasionally go swimming. I love to sky during winter, and of course, as all kids my age, I love to party! What else? Well, call me crazy, but about once per month I go to a theme park near by, and I also enjoy looking at the stars through my semi-pro telescope, on some clear summer nights.

Other F.A.Q.:

Why does this site contain so many grammar mistakes?

That’s because I’m a plumber, not a writer!

Are you single?

I’d like to keep my private life private.

workingYou’ve done something technically wrong in one of your projects.

It may happen to the best of us. Please comment, and I’ll definitely respond and hopefully fix the issue.

Are you available for new plumbing gigs?

Unfortunately no. My work and this blog eats up all my life.

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